Aquillan & Neptun, LLC

Is a factory authorized VAC (valve automation center).

At our VAC is where all our automated valve orders get assembled, calibrated and tested. We have years of experience in valve automation and can automate virtually any valve per customer request. Within the same facility we also do valve and actuator repairs. When you want to save the costs of buying new valves and/or actuators get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

Do you have an existing manual valve that you want automated but can’t remove the valve from service? Contact us and we will go to your site and install an actuator in place. If you are having problems with your valves and actuators, we do field service. For all your service needs we can help whether it is at your facility or something you want us to work on in our shop.

Aquilla & Neptun are Your Valve Automation People

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