Williams API 6D Reduced Port Ball Valve

Ball valve is a quarter-turn valve with solid ball and are available in one-piece flanged, two-piece flanged, and three-piece screwed, socket-welded, and butt-weld ends configurations. The ball valve is generally used in the fully open or fully closed positions but with added features may be used for control and modulating applications. Ball valve requires a one-quarter turn of the handle to go from the fully open to the fully closed positions. Such quick opening and closing of a ball valve may be of importance in some installations where isolating pipe sections quickly.

Product Overview

  • API 6D design
  • Fire-safe Certified API 607
  • Blowout-proof stem


  • Adjustable Steam packing, anti-static device
  • Integral ISO mounting pad for actuation
  • Integral locking device
  • NACE to MR-01-75


  • Body Materials: WCB, A105, LF2, LCC & 316SS
  • Seat Material: Reinforced Teflon, Viton, PEEK, Nylon
  • Ball Material: 316, 304, LF2 & Full or Reduce Port