Forbes Marshall EcotrolĀ® Series Control Valve

Forbes Marshall ARCA Series 200 three-way valves are standard globe design three-way valves with a pneumatic or electric actuator with customisable extensions for a wide range of applications. The body is fitted with mixing or diverting plug and strong high capacity shaft guiding.


  • Single piece design for valve plug and spindle
  • Drop in type reversible seat
  • Top flange/bonnet is SS up to 2 inches and > 3-inch bonnet same as body MOC but with a bush of SS316
  • Special V-ring gland packing design with a micro-sealing element
  • Tubeless actuator, design as per NAMUR
  • Special pressure sealed bonnet without boltings suitable for high-pressure applications


  • Increases the durability and strength for high-pressure applications
  • Increased life and self-alignment of the seat
  • Resistance to corrosion and reduced maintenance
  • Zero gland leakage
  • Compact and sturdy design