Forbes Marshall Two Orifice Float Trap TOFT

The Forbes Marshall Two Orifice Float Trap, TOFT, has SG iron cover and base with stainless steel internals, optional steam lock release (SLR) and automatic air venting facility. The TOFT comes with two orifices operated by a single float. For normal running condensate load single orifice opens and with an increase in the condensate, load opens the second orifice. This modulating mechanism makes the trap to efficiently cope with the condensate load at startup, normal running and peak load conditions. 


  • Inbuilt strainer for better performance
  • Ease of installation
  • Two orifices operated by a single float and lever mechanism
  • Robust and compact construction


  • Improved batch times and productivity
  • Reliable performance guarantees uptime
  • Ease of online and inline maintenance
  • Effective condensate removal